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I am tutoring May 17th from 3:30 to 4:15.
Senior Exam schedule:
May 23 6th and 7th period exams
May 24 4th and 5th period exams
May 25 3rd and 2nd period exams
May 26 1st period exam

Exam schedule for Juniors and Sophomores
May 27 7th period exam
May 31 1st and 4th period exams ½ day
June 1 2nd and 5th period exams ½ day
June 2 3rd and 6th period exams ½ day

My Information:
The best way to reach me is by email :
The school phone number is 442-6100. You may leave a message anytime during the day.

For detailed information about this class, please open the file labeled
Alg 2 CP 2 Expectation 2015.2016.docx at the bottom of this page under Files.
All Year
My schedule is as follows:
1st Algebra 2 CP 1
2nd Algebra 2 CP 2
3rd Planning
4th Algebra 2 Cp 1
​5th Algebra 2 CP 1
6th Planning
7th Algebra 2 CP 2
My homework is subject to change. The best way to always have the correct homework is to be present to school to get the new and updated HW from me each day. :)

YOUR WEEKLY HW is located at the bottom of this page under files. They are dated.

If you have trouble opening the online book from the link section, you may go to and type in the username alg2branson with the password algebra

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